Custom built kits are available to convert bunk trailers to multi roller trailers and visa versa.

Using simple bolt on boat trailer roller carriages that fit onto existing beams already fitted to your trailer.

All trailer repairs undertaken, replacing or adding swinging arms, rollers, brakes.

Replacing corroded components.

Transform your tired trailer in a cost effective manner.


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07522591792 or (01407) 749288.

We now offer a fully mobile repair service to trailers.

Rollers replaced, Bearings replaced, Welding and Regalvanising, New components manufactured.





 Emergency Boat Trailer repairs carried out.

Why not have you trailer serviced 12 monthly?
It saves you money and time in the long run.
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Below is an extract from an email I recieved from a more than satisfied customer. 

 "Hi Phill .... Success,     it was sooo much easier with the rollers, everybody remarked on the quality of your product, we helped someone else to recover their fisher boat onto their trailer and they had the cheap zinc type of rollers, they flexed  and dug into the hull,  they were next to useless, i am glad i paid the extra for the quality."




boat trailer roller carriages jetski conversion rollers


boat trailer rollers jetski conversion kit wobble rollers

 Are you finding it difficult to launch from your existing bunked trailer, do you find you have to back your vehicle into the water a bit too far?.

 This can caused massive corrosion damage to your vehicle, costing vast quantities to put right.

This is where the bunked trailer to roller conversion kit can help.

Simply exchanged the bunks for the roller carriages (very easy to change) and then the jetski will roll off the trailer in shallow water.

Recovering is a lot easier to, using the trailers winch the jetski will simply roll back on.

Makes launching and recovery a lot easier.

 Whats included in the price ?

 1) 4 number four roller carriages, fully galvanised.

2) A total of 16 nylon anti skuffing/marking rollers.

3) Comes complete with all fixings.

3 good reasons to end the struggle now at a very competitive price !.


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 Change Those Bunks Easily and Simply for our Bunk to Roller Boat Trailer Carriages


  The bunked trailer top rails simply unbolt and the roller carriages bolt on in their place, set them up so the weight is distributed between the keel rollers and the roller kit. If your trailer as not got keel rollers please contact me for more info (I can supply these as well as new bunk brackets if needed). You now have a multi-roller trailer that will unload very easily in shallow water.

The price you pay is for a pair of rollers up to 45" long, shorter ones will be a bit cheaper, longer ones a bit dearer (please contact me for details).

They come supplied to you manufactured from heavy gauge mild steel, galvanised to British Standards. We use non marking boat rollers held in place with BZP washers and split pins, also supplied with BZP bolts and nylon locking nuts.

The full kit for £220 plus postage is an absolute bargain.


If your existing bunks are between 28" and 45" long then please use the checkout as normal, I will then contact you requesting ;
1) The length of the bunk.
2) The distance between the inside of the bunk upright supports.
3) The distance across the outside of the bunk upright supports.
This then allows me to get all the measurements correct, as no two trailers are the same. The item will then be manufactured and then dispatched to you usually within 10 days on a 3 day postal service. 




boat trailer rollers full kit
Collected or Delivered


 A full complete set of boat trailer rollers to transform even the largest trailers to rollers. Comprising of a total of 36 nylon wobble rollers with non marking polyurethane tyres for life long use, fitted onto fully galvanized boat trailer roller spindles and carriages. Now comes with universal brackets and u bolts that will fit all boat trailers. Larger carriages are fitted near to the boat stern and smaller ones near the boats bow. To save work these boat trailer roller carriages can be fitted straight onto the existing stems on your boat trailer. Stems are 30mm x 30mm box section, Boat trailer roller carriages are 40mm x 40mm box section. Available for only £399 collected or £420 delivered.



carpeted boat trailer bunks


Carpeted Boat Trailer Bunks

Boat trailer bunks. The boat trailer bunks are manufactured using 4" x 2" treated timber and carpet covered for protection. Comes with a fitting kit, universal to all boat trailers. Upright poles are 30mm x 30mm square box section 450mm long. All fittings are fully galvanized and comes supplied with all screws and bolts etc. 

Available from only £125 plus postage.


So if you have a bunk trailer you wish to convert to rollers or visa versa then consider us as a worthy choice.